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Dental Technologists Association

Dental Technologists Association

Dental Technologists AssociationThe DTA is a not for profit professional association for dental technicians in the UK. It was established in the 1980s and was originally called the Dental Technicians Education and Training Advisory Board (DTETAB) with a remit for education and training.

The DTA is the voice for dental technicians, whether qualified or in training. The DTA keeps in touch with government departments and other influential bodies within dentistry. We are committed to keeping members in touch with what is going in dental technology as well as the wider dental arena.

Their vision is “To advance the standards of the art and science of dental technology for the benefit of the profession and patients. To promote the interchange of views between dental technicians and to negotiate on their behalf with various bodies. To raise issues, provide advice and propose ideas to others on matters affecting dental technicians.”

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