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The emphasis at Marlborough Dental has always been on people. Having worked at factory type laboratories in the past, both Alan and Ian were determined to create a friendly and inclusive team atmosphere.

Marlborough Dental Team

That atmosphere creates an environment where excellence is the norm, and people take genuine responsibility for every piece of work they produce. It is an attitude that our customers like – they sense the difference and appreciate the quality output that our team of dedicated technicians produce.

Meet the team


AlanRunning a small business is definitely a challenge, keeping up to date with new legislation, dealing with staff and, of course, the clients bring challenges all of their own. Back at the bench you will find me in the prosthetics dept, busy setting up, polishing and mending teeth, and generally sorting out anything that comes my way.


team-ianExperience is the key, noticing the small things at the bench to enjoy the big ones away from it. Keeping fit, live music and travel are my thing.


NickI have worked in the dental industry for 27 years now and 18 years at Marlborough Dental. Over that time I have seen some huge technological advances. I am married to Sam and have two children. I have a passion for live music and discovering new bands, and I also support Reading football club with my son James. It’s a great privilege to work with talented people who are not only my work colleagues but my friends too.


MichelleIt’s tough working with all these guys, but ‘Hey… Someone’s got to do it!’ Away from dentistry, i love to ‘stomp’ the countryside- show me a mountain and I will hike it! I also have a passion for live music and the finer things in life such as art, travel and champagne.


TrevorUnbelievably 34 years in the dental world. Away from that, in my spare time I run a charity called New Life that provides much needed specialist equipment for special care baby units (scbu). To date it has raised £270K!


JoeI am the apprentice here at Marlborough Dental and am in my final year of Training at Cardiff Metropolitan University and love the job. I feel privileged to be part of such a great team of people. Although working with the lads can be tough, as they like to think they are comedians, I am always up for a laugh and there is nothing I like more than being outdoors, playing air-soft in my spare time.


MarcI am a technician and the delivery driver. I was born in London 1962, and married to Hayley with two children. I started my dental journey as an apprentice at Broughton and Hackwell, 33 years ago. I am also a very keen football and general sports fan. My other interests are listening to new music and travelling to gigs, family activity adventure holidays, dog walking and real ale. Coming up this august 1st 2013, it will be 10 years at Marlborough dental. Looking forward to a 10% pay rise!!!?


GrahamAlthough I may be the most senior member of the team, with over 40 years of experience as a technician (mainly in orthodontics) I like to think I’m also one of the fittest members of the team thanks to my interest in running, cycling, skiing and travel.